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Be Careful When You Hire Your Next Detail Service

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

What I have noticed whether you are getting a mobile detail business to come to your home or buying a product is that companies usually get people with their advertisement strategies like terminology such as compounding and polishing. What is the difference? They know most people don't do their research in what they are buying so they do these things to appear like its a good product or a great service. What is trending among mobile detail businesses doesn't automatically mean it is correct or necessary. But they make you feel like you need this product or service to receive the highest quality around because, hey, everyone is doing it right? And in the process people often times get left really disappointed once the detail business leaves their home. Maybe you have heard of the two-bucket method or foam guns as a necessary component to detail your vehicle properly but this couldn't be further from the truth. Whether you are receiving an interior detail, exterior wash and wax, paint correction etc. Be sure you find a mobile detail business who is really involved in what they do to offer a win win service and not just someone trying to sell you what is trending without leaving you totally satisfied with the result that you paid for. I risk over-communicating so that I can over deliver in every way.

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