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What Is A Maintenance Detail?

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

A maintenance is a consistent service that I bring to my customers every 3-8 weeks. I understand that some people may not be able to afford this service even though I keep my prices at a very competitive price compared to my local competitors. But nonetheless it is an overall recommended service to my customers for various reasons. It maintains the vehicles value and keeps it looking new. The conditioning of the leather and surfaces and keeps the hard to reach places clean all of the time. So cleaning your car never has to be a burden to you again. Obviously if your car isn't brand new then you will probably need a deep clean first. And this is where my biggest job comes in as an auto detailer. Managing expectations! I don't know how many times i've had these conversations with my customers. A lot of times detailing is way over simplified and people seem to want unrealistic results. Most people don't understand the beast of auto detailing and this is the reason some might feel a little disappointed after a detail if their expectations were not properly managed. Now don't get me wrong. We consistently transform horrible conditioned vehicles into a car that the customer loves again. But if a car hasn't been clean in 6 years and spills have sit for a long time then there's a 50/50 chance of the stain coming completely out. Though 95% of stains have a dramatic improvement which gives a entirely new feel to your vehicle. I offer great maintenance prices to fit my customers budget




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