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We Offer Ceramic Coating To Protect Your Car's Finish

Ceramic coating

PAC Mobile Detail can provide you with a ceramic coating to give your car a refreshed, shiny appearance that you'll be proud to show off to your friends and neighbors in Bentonville! Ceramic coating crystallizes above your clear coat to act as an extra layer that lasts anywhere from 1.5 years to 5 years, depending on which coating you choose. Waxing was long considered the best way to preserve a car's paint job and keep it looking fresh and new. Nevertheless, wax isn't very durable, and it's usually applied more than once every year, which can be a bit of a chore. Despite being developed to improve longevity, sealants could never offer the same shine as wax. A ceramic coating can solve this problem. Its shine, durability, and lifespan are superior to waxes and sealants, giving your car a new lease on life. Getting a ceramic coating for your vehicle is easy when you contact PAC Mobile Detail for Bentonville auto detailing. With the help of our experts in car detailing, paint correction, and more, we can assess your vehicle and help you choose the best ceramic coating for it.

Using Ceramic Coatings Has Many Benefits & Advantages

A ceramic coating is a coating applied to your vehicle that contains chemicals that produce a resilient solution. Along with being easy to clean and being a permanent adhesive to your car, ceramic coatings also offer the following advantages:

  • Ceramic coatings have a beautiful aesthetic shine that brings out the best of your car's paint.
  • Ceramic coatings will protect the paint on your car from other substances by creating a layer between them.
  • Harsh sunlight fades the paint on your car, causing it to appear dull and lifeless. Ceramic coatings can prevent your car's paint from oxidizing, keeping it looking as good as new.

The reasons listed above show just how beneficial ceramic coatings are for cars. Whether you need auto detailing services or ceramic coating services in Bentonville, PAC Mobile Detail offers the absolute highest quality in both. Our ceramic coating services start at $350. Give us a call for a free estimate!

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