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5 Ways To Keep Your Car Clean Between Professional Details

How to keep car clean

If you're an owner of a car and you put it through the rigors of daily driving, then it's no surprise that your ride is in need of some serious TLC—especially if it's been a while since you've had it detailed. You can always take your vehicle to a professional detailer for this type of thorough cleaning, but these five simple ways will help you to keep it looking fresh between visits.

Keep Your Car Maintained With These Easy Tips

1. Keep the seats clean- Vacuuming your seats with a brush attachment is the first step to keeping your car clean. It's the easiest way to remove dirt and debris from the upholstery; it won't scratch the leather, either.

2. Use a glass cleaner- Auto glass is exposed to a lot of elements while you're driving, so this is an area that can really show wear and tear over time. Quickly cleaning your glass will help you keep it looking brand new between washes.

3. Vacuum the trunk- In addition to the usual bug and spider encounters, the trunk can become matted with dirt, and it can also allow moisture to seep into your vehicle, which is especially dangerous for older cars that are susceptible to rust.

4. Clean out the glove compartment- Even if you never open it, there's still a good chance that you'll see some dirt caked inside after a long drive. Vacuuming out this area on a regular basis will keep things from getting muddled and covered up.

5. Wash any dirt off the paintwork and exterior areas of the vehicle- This can really help to extend the life of your car without having to go in for a full auto detailing.

For Professional Detailing Services Call On Us

The services of a professional auto detailer will keep your car looking like it just rolled out from the factory showroom and will restore your automobile back to its original luster. Have confidence when you call on our team at PAC Mobile Detail to take care of your car. Our auto experts will provide you with the top-quality car, boat, or RV detailing experience that you deserve!

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