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Top Notch Auto Detailing Service Near Fayetteville, AR

Top Notch Auto Detailing Service Near Fayetteville, AR

We were contacted through Facebook by a customer who really needed a restoration of his wife's vehicle because doing several years of road trips with pets and kids can take a real toll on the condition of a vehicle. So he asked to purchase our most in depth package and a little more restorative package to truly reset the vehicle and give it back its new vibes. So we deep cleaned the exterior and performed a 1 stage polish/compound to remove oxidation that fades the paint, light to medium swirls, and light scratches in order to restore its deep shine. We also performed our diamond package on the interior. There are certainly levels to detailing and its not the same as wiping down a vehicle. Detailing is much more than that. Its actually detailing. And there are times you can spend hours on just one location of a vehicle. Depending on the condition, vehicles type of interior, the package purchased, and the result that is desired. This particular vehicle needed 14 hours of love from some of Fayetteville's favorite auto detailers. If your are needing an auto detailing service near you just give PAC Mobile Detail a call, text, or submit a form and we will get right back with you to answer any of your questions and get you booked. If you already know what you want easily book online for the next detailer near you to come detail your vehicle

Location: Fayetteville, AR

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